When you plan to organize a wedding/engagement organization, you can make this special day unforgettable with a boat tour. Thanks to the extra preparations made on special days, events that will leave a mark on the memories can be organized. We are pleased to be with you on your happy days and to add value to your day.

If you want to get lost in the blue of the sea with the unique beauties of the Bosporus, you can get our organization services. Company dinner, organizations for special days, swimming tours and more are offered to you with the privilege of Istanbul Pleasure.

Our team a professional understanding of service and all the requirements that may arise during the organizations are fully planned. For this reason, we are a company that stands out with its experience in its field. While the unconditional happiness of our customers is very important to us, we plan every detail accordingly.

We aim to add meaning to your special days while bringing together many types of tours. For this reason, the category of services offered as an extra during our tours has been designed with your needs in mind.

When you buy the extra tours, you have the chance to enrich the content of your event. When you buy a tour for company meals, an extra Bosporus Cruise can be included in the tour. In addition, if you plan to organize events such as Wedding / Engagement, you can diversify the service you receive with options such as decoration service and VIP transfer service.

Extra Services Provided by Istanbul Pleasure

Thanks to the Extra Services Provided by Istanbul Pleasure, different entertainments can be included in the tour. In this way, new ones can be added to your good memories while performing an enjoyable event.

When you want to record your memories and the hours you spend with pleasure, you can also get the photo service as an extra. In addition, it is possible to take part in a professional organization thanks to live violin presentations, fireworks shows or decoration services.

● Photo shoot
● Extra chapter
● Live violin presentation
● Organize extra fireworks displays
● Editing extra laser presentation
● Extra Flower
● Extra Meal
● Extra VIP transfer (can be done both ways)
● Extra Decoration service
● Extra Alcoholic beverages
Istanbul Pleasure Tours

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● Birthday Organization Tours
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