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Swimming Tour is often preferred especially in summer months. It gives us pleasure to be with you with pleasant tour options in the beautiful moments of our valued customers. For this purpose, we offer you different service options with a high quality understanding.

Istanbul Pleasure is a company with experience in planning perfect events. While purchasing services from us with confidence, you will also be dealing with a qualified work. When you buy a swimming tour, you can also choose extra options.

Swimming tours are ideal options to swim in the blue of the Bosporus and spend a pleasant day. When you want to enjoy a sunny summer day, you can enliven this tour by purchasing an additional service to the swimming tour.

Istanbul pleasure serves our valued customers different tour alternatives, and offers extra service options in wedding/engagement, company dinner or marriage proposal organizations. Our company, which has a professional understanding of work, also works with a team spirit.

Istanbul Pleasure Tour Types
Istanbul Pleasure is a business that continues its qualified services with Tour Types. Unconditional customer satisfaction is among the priorities of our company, which has a professional work ethic. For this reason, the demands and requirements of our valued customers are among the ones we always consider.

We also have tour programs for our customers who want to take a cruise on the Bosporus or for couples who want to make their marriage proposal in a romantic environment. In addition, our holiday tours and anniversary celebration organizations are organized with a professional approach.

● Tours on the Bosporus
● Breakfast organizations
● Birthday celebrations
● Trips to the islands
● Bachelorette Organizations
● Arabian Night
● Wedding/Engagement celebration tours
● Marriage Proposal/Anniversary Tours
● Vacation planning tours
● Swimming tours

Istanbul Pleasure Additional Services
The scope of tour packages can be expanded by purchasing Istanbul Pleasure Additional Services. In this way, you can have a good time with tours that become more enjoyable or fun. If you wish, you can record your memories or complete this tour with music. It is sufficient to purchase an extra service for this.

● Photography service
● Extra chapter presentations
● Extra live violin service
● Extra fireworks displays
● Extra laser presentation
● Extra Flower
● Extra food service
● Extra VIP transfer (can be done both ways)
● Extra decorations
● Extra Alcoholic beverage