Arabian Night

When it comes to boat tours, you have to organizing trips in different concepts. One of them is the tours defined as Arabian Night. While each tour has its own characteristics, the demands of our customers also shape our organizations.

Based on a perfect service concept and high quality, our company promises its guests peaceful atmospheres in the beauties of the Bosporus. With various tour organizations, the comfort and needs of our guests are fully met.
Getting service through in organizations such as weddings/engagements, on very special days such as marriage proposal and anniversary makes your special moments unforgettable.

You can contact us if you want to join a swimming tour when you need a holiday tour or when you are overwhelmed by the summer heat. Our company, which directs all kinds of events with a professional perspective, also works with experts in the field.

Of course when you request different services in our tours, you can get them as an extra. Music organization or fireworks show are just a few of the extra tours. In addition, you can choose a privileged tour package such as decorations, alcoholic beverage presentations, VIP transfer service. While these services are included in the scope of the extra tour, they are subject to a separate fee.

Istanbul Pleasure Tour Options
Istanbul Pleasure Tour Options are offered to our valued customers in a wide range. While providing these services, our only thought is unconditional customer satisfaction. Your satisfaction has a major importance for us. For this reason, we shape our work in line with your demands.

When you choose to attend more than one tour, you can also benefit from our extra service options. In this case, a certain payment must be made for the extra tours, while one or more services may be obtained.

● Bosporus Cruises
● Breakfast Trips
● Birthday Organizations
● Sightseeing Tours to the Islands
● Bachelorette Organizations
● Arabian Night Tours
● Wedding/Engagement Events Tours
● Marriage Proposal/Anniversary Events Tours
● Holiday Tour Organizations
● Swimming Tour Organizations

Extra Services Offered with Istanbul Pleasure Privilege
There are various options within the scope of Extra Services Offered with the Istanbul Pleasure Privilege. When choosing such services, choosing one or more may also vary depending on customer preferences.

● Photo tours
● Chapter organized tours
● Live violin presentation services
● Organizing fireworks displays
● Editing laser presentation
● Flowers
● Food
● VIP transfer (can be done to both directions)
● Decoration service
● Presentation of alcoholic beverages